Architectural Metals

Architectural metalwork gives your building a unique, “custom” look. These pieces accent the wood, brick, or stone on your property, creating new focus points for the eye. The metalwork can be simple or quite ornate, especially when you work with us. We have excellent in-house fabrication capability for these elements, and have the experience to make your vision for these pieces a reality.

Custom Copper & Sheetmetal Roofing can provide you with a variety of architectural metal components. We most commonly work on the following types of pieces, which we custom build for our customers:

  • Flashings
  • Paneling
  • Trims
  • Historical Replications

We can fabricate these elements in copper or painted steel, depending on your requirements and preferences. If you have a need for architectural metal, or simply have questions about it, we urge you to contact us.


Flashings are functional pieces that act as waterproofing. They prevent water from penetrating seams where building elements meet, such as where a roof joins with the outer walls. Because these elements have a functional purpose, they are sometimes overlooked as a way to add beauty and style to a building. In our case, we can add a special touch to your property by including metal flashings that are both visually interesting and effective at waterproofing.


Paneling is used to cover large areas of a building. Like flashing, it can be a functional element. Metal is often chosen for its durability and fire resistance when properly used as a construction material. On the other hand, metal paneling can be included purely for decorative purposes. In either case, we can supply you with custom-fabricated products that make your building stand out.


Metal trim is primarily meant to be used as a visual accent, much like wooden trim or special stonework. It can be wonderful for catching the sun “just so,” making a building much more eye catching. Metal does, of course, have practical advantages as a decorative element. It is usually easier to work than stone or brick, while being more resistant to damage than wood. The additional advantage of having us supply and install your trim is that we create your trim pieces just for you. We don’t simply purchase trim and attach it – rather, we fabricate pieces specially for your property.

Historical Replications

Architectural metal has been in use for a long time. This is a testament to its visual appeal and functional advantages. In certain cases, however, metal pieces from historical structures can be damaged beyond repair. They may also simply be in a state where restoration of the original piece is undesired. In either situation, Custom Copper can help you. We have decades of experience in fabricating architectural metal pieces, and we can create brand new elements that retain the original design used for the property.

Set up an appointment for our architectural metal restoration services today – contact us today!