Linden Street

Located on Linden Street in San Francisco, this structure has impressive modern design elements like indoor metal paneling, curved surfaces, varying angles, and features that extend out over the street. Any one of these elements could require a different specialized company to complete. But only a single company was needed because CCSMR was uniquely qualified with the tools, experience and craftsmanship to take on all aspects of the job.

Indoor Metal Paneling

Metal paneing extends on the inside walls of a modern home.

Metal paneling can give an indoor space a sophisticated modern feel.

Indoor metal work is not a service one immediately thinks about when contacting a metal roofing company but CCSMR is equipped to fabricate a wide variety of metal products.

The architect’s vision for the Linden Street project was for the modern metal look to extend seamlessly into the indoor spaces. Metal paneling was applied to specific indoor walls and throughout the modern kitchen. The color coating on metal panels is UV resistant and easy to clean. This reduces maintenance that would otherwise be required with other decorating options.

At CCSMR we care about the details so we can do finish work that stands up to the high standards of placing metal in living spaces.

Complex Shapes

A modern san francisco home with complex surfaces covered in metal siding

Modern architecture includes complex shapes that require high skill to apply metal siding.

Variation in shape is a common way to add a sophisticated, modern look to a structure. Design elements like curved surfaces, angles and different planes may add visual interest but they present a major challenge to most builders.  Curved surfaces require special attention to detail to incorporate metal paneling into a design.

Custom Copper and Sheet Metal roofing has a broad portfolio of projects that required metal fabrication and installation involving complex shapes. CCSMR has the expertise to work directly with architects and general contractors to design paneling systems that work well with the properties of various metals. Sometimes designs push the bounds so far that CCSMR must invent new fabrication and installation techniques. Creativity and originality are things CCSMR’s craftsmen are well positioned to deliver.

Projects like the Linden Street building push the bounds of what can be done with metal. Careful planning and strict attention to detail are essential to create these high end experiences. At CCSMR we love the hard projects because they allow us to apply our skills in ways that border on art.

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Linden Street

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