Lovell Avenue

This home in the remote hills of Mill Valley features clean modern lines accented with metal panels. The architect of this property worked with CCSMR to mix pristine and distressed metal styles to achieve a one of a kind look.

Modern Metal Siding

Metal panel systems are mixed with concrete, glass and wood

Mixing metal siding with other materials can create dramatic expressions.

Today’s metal siding systems bring an extra touch of elegance and clean lines to high end properties. These siding systems not only add visual appeal but they also help to improve a home’s energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Mixing wood, metal, cement and glass finishes produces a dramatic effect that can only be achieved with modern advances in engineering.

CCSMR has added metal accents to some of the finest homes in California. Architects and general contractors know CCSMR to be a trusted partner for all things metal and frequently return to CCSMR to conquer their most ambitious metal projects.

Distressed Metal Style

A unique patina adorns decorative metal paneling

Unique distressed panels adorn this modern luxury home.

The distressed metal look is a popular trend in modern homes. Selectively aging metal elements gives a distinct visual style that has particular impact when contrasted with modern materials and clean lines. In the Lovell Avenue project distress techniques were applied to garage door panels to create a unique swirl effect that will serve as a conversation piece for future guests of the residence.

CCSMR uses their depth of experience to distress ornamental paneling using a variety of controlled processes. Custom Copper and Sheet Metal Roofing works with manufacturers to select products that can offer the distressed look without sacrificing long product life.

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Lovell Avenue

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